Accessible Beckenham

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In February, local resident Gill Morphy who is an electric wheelchair user, and Jackie Groundsell and Marsha Berg from the Beckenham Business Association, delivered ‘Portable Ramp Available’ stickers to retailers on Beckenham High Street.

The ‘ramp available’ stickers were issued after an Accessibility Audit had been carried out in Beckenham High Street relating to the accessibility of goods and services for wheelchair users and the less mobile in the community, including pram access.

Site visits were made to 190 premises between 9th and 14th November 2018 to every street level premises in Beckenham High Street.

The Accessibility Audit was sponsored by Beckenham Together.

For more information, visit the Beckenham Together website.

  • Beckenham Together is the voice of the town. Supporting local businesses and bringing Beckenham together.
  • Beckenham Business Association is a voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting Beckenham businesses.
  • Gillian Morphy is a 5th generation Beckenham resident living with a degenerative neurological condition and is passionate about access for the disabled and those less mobile.