Can you help save Beckenham’s Public Toilets?

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Beckenham public toilets

Pam Notcutt and others protesting outside Beckenham toilets. (Photo © News Shopper)

The public toilets located at Thornton’s Corner are under threat of closure and Beckenham Business Association is calling for any local businesses who can step in to save this much needed public amenity.

Bromley Council proposes to close the toilets on 31 March 2015 and replace them with a community scheme where a handful of local restaurants and supermarkets are paid to allow the public to use their toilet facilities. This is not deemed a satisfactory replacement for the current facilities.

Both Pam Notcutt and the Beckenham Society (pictured above) and Copers’ Cope Residents Association have, among others, done a tremendous amount of work in trying to prevent this unnecessary action. The toilets have now been listed as an Asset of Community Value, which means that the Council must offer time for the community to come up with a bid for the building when it is sold.

Beckenham Business Association would like to see a consortium of businesses come forward to run the existing Thornton’s Corner toilets.

Jackie Groundsell, Chair of Beckenham Business Association, says: “The proposed community toilet scheme is inadequate. Most of the proposed establishments can only offer one toilet as part of the scheme and what happens if any of them break down, even for a short time? The additional strains likely to be generated by fairs and market days on the Green will make the problem much worse.

“We think the Council’s running costs for the current Thornton’s Corner facilities were seriously inflated and it has been suggested that the public toilets could be run for far less. With a consortium bid, we hope to be able to continue the use of the existing toilets, perhaps condensing them to about half of the existing footprint and running a cafe or similar alongside them. It is possible that the combined operation could even make a profit for the benefit of the local community.”

Can you help this much needed facility to remain open? Please get in touch by Tuesday 24 February so that an urgent meeting for brainstorming and action can be arranged.