Best Dressed Window Competition

BestWindow13_ThackrayWBeckenham’s Best Dressed Window Display Competition this year was in celebration of its Parks and Open Spaces. The voting public decided between windows adorned with bunting, picnics, summer pursuits, and all the paraphernalia of summer-time leisure in the parks.

There is no judging – it is all decided by votes on the organiser’s (Copers Cope Area Residents’ Assoc) website and at the participating premises by cards dropped into the beautiful Voting Pouches created at Crafts Bee…

And the great Beckenham public has decided this year that the winner of the trophy is Thackray Williams solicitors, with Raggios (restaurant) second, and Jumping Bean (gifts) third.



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Businesswoman Star Award winner 2013

What a fantastic turn-out at last night’s Beckenham Business evening – a huge “thank you” to everyone who attended, for making it that success.

JGAwardCSPoised with finger on camera button last night waiting for the announcement of the winner of the inaugural Beckenham Businesswoman Star Award of the year, I was bowled over when my name was announced! Impossible to take a photograph of myself, so Clive Seymour kindly did the honours later.  Huge thanks Clive.

With a head banging with cold I don’t think I said anything coherent, but I’m extremely honoured to have even been nominated and to have won in such a very strong list of well-deserving nominations is an awesome privilege!

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me – the Award has pride of place in the office as a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have so much support – again, thank you so much.

Our grateful thanks to the Judging Panel – Nosheen Khan of NatWest Bank, Maxine Dacres of Thackray Williams and Mike Ellis of South London Business.

Congratulations to the other nominees – Sevil Pretara of Beckenham Flower Studio, Julie Jacobs-French of Ice-Clinic, Janet White of Allure, Lynda Wright of Baccarat, Georgette Hewitt of The Present Club and Jane Dixon of GradFinale

Huge thanks to Lakis of The Big Breakfast for sponsoring and hosting the event, to our speakers Jackie Barrie and Saj Maharaj and to the Beckenham Business Community for your continuing support – BBA is yours!

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