Beckenham Business Association

Beckenham Business Association (BBA) is an independent, non-political voluntary organisation run by local retailers and businesses for the benefit of Beckenham.

Here’s  a little of what happened at this year’s BECKENHAM BUSINESS DAY

Photography @KateDarkinsPhotography

Our purpose and aims are to:

  • Promote, market and act in the interests of the BBA members relating to the use and enjoyment of Beckenham Town.
  • To aid and assist representatives of partnering organisations and groups within Beckenham Town,  in determining strategy, and developing ideas for the benefit of Beckenham Town.
  • Promote member events and member news.

BBA members meet at least four times a year to network and discuss important local matters, as well as talks on topics of interest to help your business. The meetings provide great opportunities for you to voice your opinions to other businesses and attending ward councillors, as well as networking over light refreshments and training.

Membership is open to all traders, businesses and workers in Beckenham Town.

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