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Beckenham Business Association

Thank you for your interest in joining Beckenham Business Association (BBA).

BBA membership gives you access to:


  • Regular online and in-person networking with other local businesses
  • Member discounts on tickets to our events / training
  • Annual Beckenham Business Day
  • Opportunities to speak at events and share your expertise
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Member listing on our website


As a member-run association, we encourage all members to help with the operation of the BBA, participating in and supporting our networking and learning activities.


The cost of membership is just £40 per year.


To join, please download the application form and email it to us, as indicated on the form. Either pay by card using the Pay Now button or let us know if youd like us to send you an invoice.


We look forward to welcoming you to the BBA.


Beckenham Business Association
Beckenham Business Association Membership is open to all businesses, workers and traders in Beckenham.

BBA Members can meet at least four times a year to network and discuss important local matters, enjoy presentations on topics of interest to help your business, and occasional relevant training. The meetings provide great opportunities for you to exchange opinions with other businesses as well as networking.
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