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Anne Barrett Business Support

I’m a specialist working with the tech side of Mailchimp email marketing/newsletters. I can help you to get set up, train you to use Mailchimp, create your mailings from your content, solve your problems or, I work with a particularly talented content writer to offer the whole shebang of an email marketing service.

This all comes from being a virtual assistant for the last 20 years, working with small business owners, fitting in as a team member supporting them to grow their businesses. I work with Xero accounting software and am generally good with most of the tech folks need to use when running small businesses.

Oh, and I'm also training to be a Small Business Coach. More on that later ...
Tel:020 8469 8665
Beckenham Business Association
Beckenham Business Association Membership is open to all businesses, workers and traders in Beckenham.

BBA Members can meet at least four times a year to network and discuss important local matters, enjoy presentations on topics of interest to help your business, and occasional relevant training. The meetings provide great opportunities for you to exchange opinions with other businesses as well as networking.
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